julho 28, 2016

About Olympic Games ...

All my foreigner friends ask me about how  we are 'living at '  Olympic Games ... well, as the World Cup , the Olympic Games is not something that we are so excited by.
I mean, the World Cup , ok..  done ! But if you ask what we think how that LOT of  money could be used for? ...We have better idea than a World Cup , believe !
Anyway... again, they are doing this ... we don't want , we Brazilians have not asked for Olympic Games and again, we have better idea   how we could use LOT of money with another things so more important to do here.
So, if you think that  the Olympic Games here is something too important for the population, just watch this vídeo and get your conclusion .
WE are outraged and WE BRAZILIANS have not asked for... it's all about political and vested  interests.
Unfortunately ...

* Minha gente, apenas um vídeo com algumas explicações sobre as Olimpíadas e toda a palhaçada envolvida nos interesses políticos e escusos desse País. 

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